Monday, April 28, 2014


Do you ever have that time when you can't understand what's happening to you right now? This problem has become a terrible thing to me. But, I can not share it out to someone I used to share with because recently I find out that trusting people easily is not a good idea, and sharing out how you feel is even worse.
Some of my friends told me that experiences will create a better me in the future. Somehow, I asked, how if the experiences turn you into a big trauma in trusting anyone? Another answer comes out, "You should dare yourself to change , not to afraid because of the bad experience". But, if the things happen twice. What should you do?
No one says it is wrong to trust anyone, but it is just not right. Trust is like a glass, once you break it, it will leave scars even you have sticked it in perfect way. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another busy day

A stressful day starts with microeconomics mid-term exam , followed by Malay language exam. This day has not ended that simply, it should be continued with studying accounting for the next day examination. Like usual, chocolate always be a bonus. Today's rainy weather accompanies my walk to one of the nearest shopping mall ( Sunway Pyramid) for realise the pressure in head by having chocolate dip in a famous bakery shop. Moreover, I was totally surprised by my far-family-relation death news in China. Deepest condolence sends to her, and will be missing her much if her family comes visiting me in Indonesia next time.